How to Use Keyboard Settings on Your iPhone?

How to Use Keyboard Settings on Your iPhone?

The default keyboard on your iPhone has the categoric QWERTY format that you simply could have learned in high school typewriting class. If you write in a very language aside from English, however, you’ll want to feature a keyboard that reflects the language you would like to kind — and acknowledges words in this most popular language.

You’ll get crazy suggestions if you find in Swedish with AN English keyboard and lexicon. You furthermore may have another nonmandatory keyboard functions that you simply activate, or deactivate, in Settings.

To change keyboard settings, follow these steps:

  • Tap Settings on the house screen.
  • Tap General→Keyboard.
  • The screen is shown here opens.
  • Tap the electric switch to show the subsequent functions on or off.

Auto-Capitalization: mechanically capitalizes the letter “I” once it stands alone and capitalizes the primary letter when any punctuation that iPhone acknowledges as a replacement sentence, for instance, an amount or a come. If you utilize Emoji, this operation additionally capitalizes the primary letter when you insert an emoticon face, heart, or one in every of the opposite myriad icons.


mechanically corrects words as your typewriting using iPhone’s inbuilt lexicon. For instance, if you kind jam, “home” seems in a very box on top of the world. If you faucet the key, the key, or a punctuation key, the suggestion is accepted; faucet the X on the box, or simply keep typewriting to complete your word, and your typewritten word remains.

The lexicon mechanically adds names from Contacts thus it acknowledges several names you kind. Your iPhone learns your idiosyncrasies, adding words you kind of, that it doesn’t understand, to the lexicon.

Check Spelling:

iPhone underlines words it thinks are spelled wrong. Faucet the underlined word and iPhone show you potential replacement words. Faucet the one you would like or tap elsewhere on the screen to say no.


If iPhone thinks the word is spelled wrong however doesn’t have a suggestion, a flag reads No Replacement Found and you’ve got to correct the word, if necessary, on your own.

Enable Caps Lock:

once this can be on, you’ll quickly faucet doubly on the shift key and it changes to a caps lock key.


Double-tapping the key inserts amount and so one area.

To change the keyboard layout, faucet Keyboards.

  • Tap English or whichever language’s keyboard you want to edit.

Most languages have nonmandatory keyboard layouts. The screen opens and displays choices for the code Keyboard Layout, that’s the keyboard on your iPhone, and for a Hardware Keyboard Layout, that may be a peripheral keyboard that you simply use together with your iPhone. You’ll opt for the code Keyboard Layout you want to use. Opt for the Hardware Keyboard Layout that corresponds to the sort of peripheral keyboard you utilize together with your iPhone.

Swipe right or faucet Keyboards within the higher left to come to the Keyboards settings.

  • Tap Add New Keyboard to feature another language-specific keyboard.

A list of languages opens. Several languages have multiple choices, like the Chinese handwriting possibility or the Swiss or Canadian French option.

  • Tap the language you would like to feature.
  • It mechanically seems within the list of keyboards.
  • Repeat Steps seven and eight to feature different languages or faucet Keyboard within the higher left to come to the Keyboard settings.
  • To delete a language, tap Edit, and so faucet the red and white sign on the left of the language. Faucet the Delete button that seems. To arrange the order of the languages, it and drag the arrangement button (it sounds like 3 stacked horizontal lines) to maneuver the languages to the order you would like.
  • Tap Add New cutoff.

Your iPhone interprets and expands into an extended-phrase

Shortcuts allow you to A few letters that your iPhone interprets and expands into an extended-phrase. For instance, kind of in a very message and it become “On my way!” kind your text within the Phrase and cutoff text fields and so faucet Save.

If you add a word or phrase to Shortcuts while not typewriting within the cutoff, the word or phrase is supplemental to your Personal lexicon and iPhone won’t build suggestions for correcting it.

When you flip Documents and information on in iCloud, your shortcuts adjust between iOS devices. PDC! (That’s short for “pretty darn cool.”)

  • Tap Keyboard within the higher left, General within the higher left, and so Settings within the higher left to come to the most Settings screen or swipe right till you reach the screen you would like.

If you’ve got over one language activated, the keyboard includes a globe button showing at the bottom:

  • Tap the world button to modify between languages. Faucet and hold the world button to visualize a pop-up list of languages you supplemental and so slide to pick out the language. The languages are within the same order as your keyboards are listed in Settings.

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